Beautiful- Telugu movie review

MOVIE: Beautiful

DIRECTOR: Agasthya Manju

PRODUCERS: T. Naresh Kumar, T. Sridhar

CAST: Parth Suri, Naina Ganguly

PRODUCTION HOUSE: Tiger/Company Production

Release date : January 01, 2020

Rating: 1.5/5

Story: Rini (Naina Ganguly) and Mayank (Parth Suri) are two poor lovers living in Mumbai’s Dharavi slum. Rini gets a chance to become an actress and slowly issues start between them and they split. How they reunite resolving their ego issues is rest of the story.

Review: Parth Suri has given a decent performance in the film. The chemistry between Parth Suri and Naina Ganguly is remarkable especially in emotional and romantic scenes. However, the narration was dull and screenplay was not very impressive. There is no much seriousness in the movie as the first half of the movie had 5 songs. The camerawork is pretty good. The songs are shot in a very sensuous manner. Its feast to watch Naina Ganguly. Background music is good. The director has focused mainly on showcasing the heroine well. Overall, the expectations of audiences are not met.