Aswathama – Telugu Movie review

MOVIE: Aswathama

DIRECTOR: Ramana Teja

PRODUCERS: Usha Mulpuri, Shankar Prasad Mulpuri

CAST: Naga Shaurya, Mehreen Pirzada, Harish Uthaman, Jisshu Sengupta


MUSIC: Sricharan Pakala, BGM by Gibran

Release Date: 31st Jan, 2020

Rating: 3.5/5

Story: Gana(Naga Shaurya) returns from US to Vizag to attend his sisters engagement ceremony. A day after the engagement, his sister tries to commit suicide and he saves her. She tells him that she is pregnant but is unaware as to how this has happened. Gana starts probing into the matter and comes to know that several others are facing the same issue. The rest of the story is how Gana finds out the one behind all this and how he stops.

Review: Ashwatthama is Naga Shaurya’s first movie as a script writer. He fits into the role and did justice to the character. Jisshu Sengupta’s acting is very impressive. The story line is different and definitely grips the audience interest. The basic point that a doctor makes young women unconscious and impregnates them using a banned medicine is something unacceptable to general audience, nevertheless it is different from the regular routine lovestories. On the whole, Aswathama is a gripping thriller movie to watch.

By Hima

Movie Critic, Content Writer & Analyst

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