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Kappela – Malayalam Movie review

Kappela, Directorial Debut of Award winning actor Muhammad Mustafa is enjoyable and entertaining.

Movie: Kappela

Director: Muhammad Musthafa

Producer: Vishnu Venu

Production House: Kadhaas Untold

Written by: Muhamad Musthafa

Music: Sushin Shyam

Cinematography: Jimshi Khalid

Edited by: Noufal Abdullah

Cast: Anna Ben, Sreenath Bhasi, Roshan Mathew

Release Date: 6th March 2020 (Theatrical)

22nd June (Netflix)

Rating: 3.5/5

Synopsys: Jessi (Anna Ben) living in a place called Poovarmala accidentally dials a wrong number and falls in love with one auto driver named Vishnu (Roshan Mathew) from Malappuram. One day, she goes to meet Vishnu to avoid engagement with Benny (Sudhi Koppa). Then enters Roy (Sreenath Bhasi) in her life. Who is Roy? What happens to the love story of Jessy and Vishnu forms the rest of the story.

Review: This is the debut film of the National Award-winning actor Muhammad Mustafa as a Director. The film covers the social issues faced by young girls and women like human trafficking, sex trade.

The film is shot at the beautiful locations of Kannur, Kozhikode and Wayanad. Jessy lives in Poovarmala with her family. She helps her mother Mary in her tailoring work. Benny, who is the owner of a textile shop is in love with Jessy and wants to marry her. One day Jessy dials a wrong number and talks to Vishnu, an Auto driver from Malappuram. Benny decides on to marry Jessy against his mothers wishes and a date is fixed for engagement. Jessy who is in love with Vishnu leaves for Kozhikode to meet Vishnu. There, she meets Roy who stalks her. Who is Roy and what happens later forms rest of the story.

This film got released just before the Pandamic Outbreak. Hence there was no proper theatre coverage. This film was then released on Netflix. This movie is critically acclaimed for its making and brilliant writing. The character of Vishnu is shown as very honest and helping natured in the first half. Anna Ben, Sreenath Bhasi and Roshan Mathew were given suitable and apt roles who have done complete justice to the characters they played.

The action sequences are realistic. Characterization was perfect. The character of Roy is high lite. He is shown as short-tempered, complicated and mysterious. All the supporting actors’ performance is commendable too. The screenplay is elegant. Cinematography was commendable taking into consideration every scene right from the village backdrop to city backdrop. The camara work was flawless. The Music was awesome with excellent background score creating a perfect mood for the story.

This movie is enjoyable and entertaining.

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