Lock Up – Tamil Movie Review

Lock Up is a thriller movie premiered on ZEE 5

Movie: Lock Up

Director: S G Charles

Producer: Nithin Sathya

Production House: Shvedh  Group

Cinematography: Santhanam Sekar

Edited By: Anand Geraldin

Music: Arrol Corelli

Cast: Vaibhav, Venkat Prabhu, Vani Bhojan

Release Date: 14th August, 2020 on ZEE 5

Rating: 3/5

Synopsys: A police officer is killed. A woman is dead committing suicide. Are these both deaths connected in any way? Who is behind these deaths? How Ilavarasi, a cop solves these cases is the story of this film.

Review: With the lockdown, here is another film released on OTT media. This is the Directorial Debut film of S G Charles. As no much hype was given to this film before its pre-release, it brings a pleasant surprise to the audience. This film directly takes us into the story. The film begins with The Police Commissioner calling the cop Ilavarasi (Easwari Rao) to investigate the murder of another cop, Sampath (Mime Gopi). Murthy (Venkat Prabhu) a cop is the first person to find the body of Sampath at his bungalow. Ilavarasi starts her investigation. Then, a local goon surrenders and confesses to have killed Sampath. He explains how exactly he killed Sampath. Ilavarasi finds discrepancies in the statement and starts collecting evidence with the help of Murthy. Meanwhile, Vasanth(Vaibhav), a subordinate to Murthy, who was assigned a suicide case of one housemaid finds that her death is related to Sampath’s murder. How the cases are solved as to who has done it and why forms the remaining story.

The Director wanted to cast Easwari Rao because he wanted someone who could balance between realism and cinematic drama. And as per the expectations, Easwari Rao has done a commendable job. She played her role of a cop perfectly. It was her first role as a cop and she has pulled it off well.  Vaibhav and Venkat Prabhu did their part well too. Vani Bhojan has a very limited screen space. Actors like Vani Bhojan, Vaibhav were not used well in the film.

Arrol Corelli Background score stands out. Screenplay is a bit weak. Nevertheless, Lock Up is one of the best OTT releases this year with good script and decent performance by the actors. This is an Action Thriller with twists making it an interesting film to watch.