Mayabazar 2016 – Kannada Movie review

Mayabazar 2016 is a comedy thriller, complete family entertainer to watch this weekend on big screens

MOVIE: Mayabazar 2016

DIRECTOR: Radhakrishna Reddy

PRODUCER: Aswini Puneeth Rajkumar, M. Govinda


MUSIC: Midhun Mukundan

CINEMATOGRAPHY: Abhishek G. Kasargod

EDITOR: Jagadeesh N

CAST: Raj B. Shetty, Vasishta Simha, Achyuth Kumar, Prakash Raj, Sadhu Kokila, Sudha Rani, Chaitra Rao

Release Date: 28th Feb, 2020

Rating: 3.75/5

Story: The story revolves around Three people- an honest cop, a thief and a poor guy in love with a rich girl, in need of money all coming together and plot fake IT raids on black money holders at the same time frame of Demonetization. How things go wrong for them and what they do to come out of the mess is the remaining story.

Review: Everybody remembers 8th of Nov, 2016 when the PM Narender Modi has announced the ban of the 500- and 1000-rupee notes with immediate effect. Many movies were taken based on the same concept in many languages. This movie also belongs to the same batch of movies based on the concept of Demonetization.

Joseph (Achyuth Kumar), an honest police officer. But he is in need of money to save his wife Usha (Sudha Rani) from cancer. He hatches a plan with Kubera (Raj B. Shetty), a con man and they conduct fake IT raids on the black money holders. They raid a house and get 2 crores in old currency. They find Raj in the house who learns that it was a fake raid and asks a share in the money.  The money belongs to a corrupt officer ACP Ashok (Prakash Raj). Ashok learns that the raid was fake. Later Joseph and Kubera part their ways. Kubera then hatches a plan with a fresh team and raid Pataki Pandu’s house and takes 15 crores new currency notes. How and what happens later forms the remaining story.

Mayabazar 2016 is the directorial debut of Radhakrishna Reddy who has turned a thriller story based on demonetization into one of a comedy. The movie has definitely an interesting plot. The story keeps the audience engaged and entertained.

The casting of the actors is just perfect. Raj B. Shetty’s acting is fantastic with perfect comic timings and expressions. Achyuth Kumar’s acting is overwhelming and entertaining. Dialogues are hilarious and makes the movie into a perfect comedy entertainment. The emotional element is also well captured. Prakash Raj’s acting is very good too. The film is technically strong with good Screenplay, cinematography and editing. Music is soothing. Song sung by SPB is remarkable.  BGM was impressive too. Overall, this movie can be called as a perfect family entertainer worth watching on big screens.