Psycho – Tamil Movie review

Psycho, a psychological crime thriller definitely not for the weak hearted sensitive people

MOVIE: Psycho


PRODUCER: Arun Mozhi Manickam

PRODUCTION HOUSE: Double Meaning Production



CAST: Udhayanidhi Stalin, Aditi Rao Hyderi, Nitya Menon, Rajkumar Pitchumani

Release Date: 24th Jan, 2020

Rating: 3.5/5

Synopsys: The story is about how a visually impaired person protects his lover who is kidnapped by a psychopath serial killer.

Review: Goutham(Udhayanidhi Stalin), a blind musician is in love with a radio jockey Damini(Aditi Rao). Damini asks him to meet her at a place by giving him hints on radio. Goutham understands the hints and reaches the place to meet her. Same time, the psycho killer kidnaps her and takes her to his place. The psychopath Angulimala(Rajkumar Pitchumani) usually kidnaps his victims, beheads them and keeps the head as a trophy. When the psycho tries to behead Damini, he doesn’t see any fear in her eyes. When asked her, she tells him that Goutham will find her before her birthday. So, the psycho postpones the killing and challenges that no one can ever reach him. Goutham approaches Kamala(Nitya Menon), a handicapped ex-police officer who was dealing with the same case earlier. They both make a plan find him and saves Damini.

Udayanidhi Stalin, managed to fit in the role. Aditi Rao plays her character well. Nitya Menon steals the show with her performance as an arrogant, bad-mouthed and hurt ex-police officer. Rajkumar’s performance was impressive as a psycho who is mentally ill because of the trauma and abuse faced in his childhood. Supporting actors did their part well.

Director Mysskin is known for his peculiar style in film making. Psycho has everything that can make one creeped out, very disturbing and shocked. Mysskin has said in one of the pre-released interviews that he was inspired to make this film after coming across the story of Angulimala in Buddhism. One gets chills watching the way the psycho beheads the victims, the blood splattering on the floor, the heads rolling and the pain of the victim’s families.

The soundtrack was composed by the music Maestro Ilaiyaraja. The songs got a good response from the audience.

This film has a strong script with a perfect editing, screenplay and music. The climax of the movie is very touching and emotional. It is a psychological crime thriller.

This movie is definitely not for the weak hearted and sensitive people as it is very disturbing to watch heads rolling and blood splattering on the floor.