Oollalla Oollalla – Telugu Movie Review

Oollalla Oollalla is a romantic entertaining Telugu Movie released on New Year, 01,JAN,2020


MOVIE: Oollalla Oollalla

DIRECTOR: Satya Prakash

PRODUCER: Attari Gururaj

CAST: Nataraj, Noorin Shareef, Ankeeta R Maharanaa

PRODUCTION HOUSE: M/s Sukhibhava Movies & Cinemas

Release date: 01 jan, 2020

Rating: 1.5/5

Story: Pandu (Nataraj) is an aspiring film director. Noori(Noorin Shareef) who is in love with Pandu is behind him pestering him to marry her. But Pandu wants to marry a rich girl and settle well in his life. Here enters  Trisha(Ankeeta), a rich lady who is crazy about Pandu. Then enters Trisha’s husband creating a confusion in Pandu’s life. The rest of the story is how Pandu resolves the confusion and marry Noori.

Review: It’s a romantic entertainer. Nataraj’s acting is impressive. Noori has no much role to play. Ankeeta has acted very bold and shown very glamorously. The direction, screenplay and editing were overall not so impressive. The camerawork is good but the background music is bad. Overall, the movie lacks proper story and poor narration.